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We provide emergency services for fracture and Trauma care, ranging from open and closed fractures, dislocations. The following sub-speciality services are available.

1). Paediatric orthopaedics: Clubfoot correction, deformity correction and other paediatric orthopaedic disease conditions

2). Trauma: Non-operative and operative management of fractures and dislocations

3). Arthroplasty: Bipolar Arthroplasty; Total hip and knee replacement and shoulder arthroplasty

4).Limb Reconstruction: Limb lengthening and complex deformity correction with

Ilizarov and Taylor spatial frame

5). Arthroscopy and Sports medicine: ACL reconstruction; Arthroscopy of the knee for meniscal repair or meniscectomy and other joint disorders amenable to arthroscopic intervention

6). Spine Care:  Specialized clinical assessment of  Low Back pain, Cervical and Lumbar degenerative diseases, spine infections and spine tumours.

Management with both Conservative care and when clinically indicated spine surgeries.

Dedicated focused intensive physiotherapy clinics to foster treatment and rehabilitation during all phases of orthopaedic care.

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